At Sonshine Ranch we want students to experience something unique and challenging, something that is not offered in schools or available to them in the inner city. Sonshine Ranch is able to offer a range of Outdoor Activities that can challenge and grow people in their character and abilities.

Hidden in the bushes and around the farm there are many activities that can be used all year round and in the warmer months there are numerous water activities on offer.


Horse Riding

Most schools choose to have Horse riding as one of their activities as it exposes many students to something they have never done before. The Ranch has a range of horses that are very reliable when a younger less experienced rider hops aboard. Before they begin to ride they are given a demonstration on how to have a correct riding position and what to do to make the horse walk, turn and stop. Once aboard they go around the arena, weaving between poles to practice their steering. For the older ones they then go for a short walk outside the arena on a small trek that is called the “Homestead Loop”. This enables students to feel confident aboard their horse and experience something new and exciting.


Vaulting on Horseback

Vaulting is a unique aspect of Sonshine Ranch, which we offer to schools especially those who come with the younger year groups. Vaulting is sometimes referred to as Gymnastics on horseback. The students sit aboard one of our vaulting horses and practice their balance by doing certain exercises like riding with their arms out and kneeling. Vaulting is great to help the students be comfortable with the horses and gives them a great sense of achievement once they have completed it. All vaulting is done at a level that suits the group depending on their age. Most will do exercises at a walk and maybe get a feel for the trot, some more experienced may get a short canter.


Flying Fox and Rope Swing

A favourite of many students is the Flying Fox, where participants are harnessed in for a zip line across native bush to the other side of a stream. Once over the other side they are clipped onto another cable for a return zip across the valley to the main landing side. Run in conjunction with the Flying Fox is the Giant Rope Swing. Those who are brave enough, jump off the wooden platform where they are clipped onto the rope and swing across the bush as those who are on the Flying Fox zip past them. You can hear screams of joy echo through the valley!



Kayaking in the dam is an experience and skill many learn for the first time. Students learn how to kayak properly and try to navigate the skill of going forward and turning as well as going backwards. It is made fun with challenges of retrieving tennis balls and team races. Of course everyone looks forward to the funny antics that may occur when someone tips over.


Water Confidence Course

Located on the other side of the dam is the Water Confidence Course where each person is challenged to walk across a cable and tyres as well as monkey bars and a horizontal climbing wall. The favourite activity at the Water Confidence Course is the water wheel where the participants try to stay on top of a wooden wheel and make it spin round without falling into the water below.


Climbing Tower

The Ranch also offers a 13metre high Climbing Tower, with a underground tunnel maze and high-ropes course. The Climbing Tower is an all weather activity making it a great substitute for the winter activities in the cold winter months. Groups can choose to learn how to rock climb up the tower or abseil down for the more experienced. While the students wait they get to journey through the tunnels which leads to a maze built inside the climbing tower. Older groups will sometimes get to experience the high ropes course (please contact and ask about this to see if it is on offer). The high ropes combines team building and trust where partners rely on each other to make it up the course.


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