Camp Leaders

At Sonshine Ranch we thrive off having our Camp Leaders “home-grown”.

During the holiday camps, each cabin is assigned two leaders who have themselves come up through the holiday camps, knowing the structure of the camps and having observed leaders in their roles during camp. They take leadership in looking after and helping the campers tack up their ponies, complete the various outdoor activities and provide a fun and caring environment for the campers to enjoy the thrills of camp.

We strongly believe in giving young people the chance to grow in their leadership skills at an age when they are highly motivated and enthusiastic. That is why we like to train young people as Leaders in Training as early as yr 9 (13 yrs).

Each year the Ranch runs two leadership camps. These camps are the Queens Birthday Leaders training Weekend in June and the Hoofin It Camp before Christmas. Attendance to an annual training camp is a requirement for anyone wishing to become a leader and for current leaders. During these camps you will be able to connect with other leaders, develop the skills in becoming a camp leader and learn more about what it means to be a good role model.

It does help if you have horse knowledge and riding experience as most of our camps are based around horse riding. However having said that, this doesn’t mean you have to be an advanced rider. There are lots of different and very important tasks to do and lead in other than horse riding.

The leaders should and are encouraged to take part in Mailbox Club/Truth Chasers (Christian study or equivalent) to deepen and develop their faith, which is the building blocks of Sonshine Ranch. If you have made a commitment to follow Jesus or if you are not sure but would like to know more about becoming a leader, please feel free to get in touch with us.

The greatest leaders are those with a willing heart to serve, a positive attitude towards the activities and duties, and the joy to bless others by giving of themselves.

For campers wishing to one day become a camp leader, you will need to attend a LIT weekend, usually held over Queens Birthday. Click Enquire Now to be invited to the next leaders training weekend.