Riding Facilities

Sonshine Ranch has an expansive range of riding Facilities.
There is a large open stable and yards to accommodate the horses during riding times, making it a hands on approach for learning to ride from brushing and tacking up to preparing the horses for their paddock post ride.
Riding is done in the 3 full-sized all purpose arenas and a 20×40 Dressage arena. This gives those in riding lessons the chance to learn the fundamentals of riding as well as dressage basics, show jumping and mounted games.

During the summer period the grass areas are available to ride in which allows people to grow in the ability and confidence to ride out in the open and over cross country jumps in the two areas that the Ranch has developed into Cross Country courses.

Treks operate all year round utilising the farm tracks which surround and loop through the farm. There is also the trek known as the “Gully Track” to expand ones riding beyond the wall fences of an arena. During peak summer time riders also get the chance to ride through bush tracks which require careful navigation and instill confidence in many people.


Outdoor Adventure Facilities

Hidden in the bushes and around the farm of Sonshine Ranch there are many outdoor activities that are used to challenge and grow peoples abilities and confidence.

Horse riding is offered to the school groups who are interested in challenging their students to try something unique to the country setting. Alongside the riding we offer a range of confidence instilling activities that allow people to try something new.

Sonshine Ranch offers the opportunity to fly across the bush of the Flying Fox and Ropeswing. We encourage participants to stretch their abilities at the Water Confidence Course and Kayaking on the dam, in addition to conquering heights on the 13m tall Climbing Tower. Check out the Activities page to find out more about the adventure facilities on offer.

Each of these activities are run by a experienced and qualified instructor.


Camp Buildings

The most recent building project at the Ranch was the upgrade of our main Camp Building. Within the walls of the new building there are 3 large rooms plus the main offices and conservatory.

Groups can hire out the Conference Room which is perfect for speakers or coming together for times of worship and discussion.

There is also a Recreation Room set up for indoor activities during the dark and wet winter nights.

Situated on the North Facing side of the building there is a large Dinning Room with fire place and servery, perfect to serve meals in the adjacent fully functional kitchen and clean up in the dishwasher room.

This building was a long awaited addition to the Ranch and is designed to be full functional and meet the needs of those who hire it out.


Cabin Accommodation

Over the years the need for more accommodation has been met with 3 large Bunk Rooms on the top level of the main cabin block. There are 3 additional Bunk Rooms (under the main house, in the flat and one below the main cabin block) allowing to accommodate approximately 60 people at a time during our holidays camps.

There are plenty of Bathrooms located around the Cabin Blocks and Main Building with functional showers and access to a disabled bathroom.

For other group bookings (separate to our holiday camps) the beds available may differ depending on the type of group and purpose of your stay.  (Note: our facilities are purpose built for children & youth. Other age groups please enquire)


Bush Camp

The Bush Camp facility brings another dimension to the camping experience at Sonshine Ranch. It is a unique bush experience which is used by school groups, adventure camps, youth groups and other community groups. The camp consists of 4 permanent bivouacs which are strategically sited down in the valley set in amongst the native bush. There are 2 bivouacs on either side of the valley with a bush lounge, toilet and shower block in between.

The bivouacs have a roof, floor, and 3 walls, and are open to the bush out the front. The sleeping is “marae style”, with closed cell foam and artificial grass mat as the bed. One mattress is supplied with each bivouac for the adult supervisor. There are 2 other bush huts available near by for other adults who wish to stay over night.

In the school camps the evening meal is cooked by the children over open fires. This usually consists of sausages and bread, damper, and toasted marshmallows. Breakfast and lunch are prepared in the bush kitchen, which has basic facilities and gas cookers. Other groups should contact the Ranch office regarding self-catering.

The bush camp experience is suitable for one class at a time and accommodates around about 40 people. It is used by schools who are wishing to keep costs down, but also increasingly by schools who want their children to experience camping without all the facilities being “laid on”.

The Bush Camp facilities are available for groups on weekends who may wish to combine an overnight bush experience with some Ranch activities.


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