Holiday Camps

Sonshine Ranch offers a very popular Holiday Programme year round throughout all seasons. All holiday camps have an element of Christian teaching. During the Day Camps this is run for a short time after lunch and for Overnight Camps it is run each evening, with a time of singing, and after lunch on the full days. All campers are asked to participate as it is the foundation of what has created the Ranch and gives people an insight on why Sonshine Ranch is so unique.

Due to our Ranch Camps filling up very quickly we only allow campers to attend one Overnight Camp per holiday period.

Ranch Camps:
Ranch Camps are our most frequently run and popular with campers spending 3 nights and 4 days at the ranch without any interruption from cellphones or internet! Over the course of the 4 days the campers are designated a horse where they will learn how to ride or advance their riding skills through their daily group lesson. Campers ride once each day and during times they participate in the various outdoor activities the Ranch has to offer. The campers do the activities with their cabin and its leaders which helps create a bond between the cabin. It adds a fun and competitive aspect to camp when they challenge against other cabins while participating in fun, challenging and adventurous activities.

These camps are suitable for all levels of riders from beginners to advanced. If you wish to bring your own horse to camp, please contact us to discuss this option.

Boys are welcome to attend the ranch camps, please ensure you check with the office prior to booking as there is one camp during each holidays that has an allocated boys cabin.

Summer Riding Camp:
Over the summer holidays the Ranch offers a Riding camp to those who have an intermediate level of riding and above.

Please note that for this camp if you are unknown to Camp Staff you may be required to come for an assessment ride to see if your riding level is suitable for the camp. Each application will be assessed to see if the camper is suitable for the Riding Camp and to ensure safety of all campers.

Riding Camp is unique in that it is smaller than the other Holidays Camps.

Each camper is designated a horse for the entire camp which they ride in both morning and afternoon sessions. After a hot day riding the Water-slide is often on offer to the campers for a cool down after a long days ride.

The rest of camp is run similar to the other overnight camps but being smaller it really allows campers to build great relationships with other campers and of course their horse.

Autumn Holiday camps 2021:

Autumn Ranch Camp 1; 19-22nd April 2021 (Boys & Girls aged 10-15yrs) – $320
Autumn Ranch Camp 2; 27-30th April 2021 (Girls aged 10-15yrs) – $320

Own a Pony Day – Friday 23rd April  (8-13yrs) – $100

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