Youth Group

Sonshine Ranch Youth Group combines the worship and devotion part of camps to a fun Friday night program run to keep the fellowship amongst camp leaders, attendees and lesson riders going during the school term. The Friday night program is aimed for those aged 12-16 years old.IMG_6965

The youth group has been running since 2007 and is a highlight in a number of teenagers lives. It provides a evening where they can leave the busyness of school behind and come together with friends and enjoy multiple aspects that the Ranch has to offer.
Within the youth group the teens have the opportunity to discuss what it means to be a Christian in today’s society, grow in their understanding of the Bible and God and even share with others their ability to lead music and play instruments when they all gather for a time of worship.

The youth group provides many of the teens a safe environment where they can come and be who they are.
It helps those who are not affiliated with a church seek the all important fellowship among other Christians and to stay connected with friends whom they may only see during Holiday Camps.

Many of those who have grown up involved with the youth group will say how helpful it has been to growing them into the person they have become, and many still come back for a visit because of the lasting influence that Sonshine Ranch and the youth group has left them with.

The Youth Group runs on Friday Evenings during the school term at 7pm (sharp) till 9pm, supper provided. There is no charge. Those attending youth group straight after their Friday riding lesson are to bring their own dinner.

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